Roofing 101

Roofing Maintenance: Upkeeping your roof

The roof serves to shield you from different external conditions like storms, sunlight, and extremes of temperature. It is exposed to damages whether chemical or natural hazards. As a homeowner, you should enforce proper maintenance on your roof to prevent further damage.

Here are a few things you should do frequently to upkeep your roof:

    Making sure that your gutters are clean and free of blockages is the basic of all roofing maintenance. Efficient water flow in your gutters can avoid a leaky roof.
    As the old saying goes – prevention is better than a cure! Cutting down any branches that hang over your house before they fall and cause damage will definitely save you some big bucks on your roofing upkeep. It also keeps the squirrel and other critters away from the house, not to mention, leaves that clutter your gutter.
  3. CLEAN off Debris
    Do a clean-off frequently as debris (bird poop, dried leaves, dirt, etc.) holds water and causes deterioration. Cleaning the roof will also help you identify any damaged parts of the roof to help you and your roofing person moving forward.
    Make time to inspect your shingles. This will help you spot loose, missing, or damaged shingles. This will also help you from having a leaky roof. A couple of missing shingles should be easily replaced but when a majority of them are missing you may need to get in touch with a roofing expert to survey any potential damage it might causes.
    Hire a professional to assess your roof and give you a comprehensive roof inspection.

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Debris holds water and causes deteriorationconstant removal will help lengthen your gutter and roof lifespan.

Regular roofing Inspection and preemptive maintenance are excellent practices that can save you from spending big bucks in the future. Have an expert check your roof today, call us at 479-271-8187 or simply complete the form.

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